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Today I'm coming back to permanent holidays, well, at least today it feels like it :)

I'm having this very sweet breakfast at 14:00h to celebrate it.

Last trip of the month: Antwerp

Weird and cute hostel with Vertigo stairs!

Scaring Cathedral

Very cute arquitechture

Amazing window's shops everywhere. Here, a classic from Antwerp, golden Dries Van Notten shop

So many sweets in this town...YUMMI!

And everything lookes so healthy and perfect!

By the other hand, Brussels allways so grey and boring, puag!

After that, I'm definitely not travelling to anywhere southerner than Spain, the North is waiting me...
Next stop: Berlin!

Visitig Florence

Fake David

famous Firenze bridges

magical antic's market in the middle of the town

playing the fool around

Prosciutto everywhere :S

Cutest kitchen ever seen

Authentic Floencian Tavern, full of Spanish people...

Nice hosts :)

Top Souvenir!

Trip to Milan

Went to Milan one month and something ago. Not too much to say, just drinking wine, getting drunk, going shopping... Holga camera saw things nicers than us!


Milan "Castanyeres"

I didin't know that typical Milan dress comes from "Las Falleras"...

Jil Sander's shop window

Viktor&Rolf upside-down shop *__*

Viktor&Rolf's shop assistant's bikes!


I state 2006 as the pic-nic's year!

pic-nic + badminton in Helsinki parks

pic-nic + beach in a finnish island

improvised swedish pic-nic

late-time pic-nic at the movies

pic-nic in Barcelona park by an Holga Camera

Sushi pic-nic + badminton. To say goodbye to summer!

Be stylish, think about the dress you are gonna wear, your basket and the blankets!
Choose a theme if it's necessary
Everyone has to bring something, better made by themselves.
Think about extra-games that matches with the pic-nic thematic.
Try to do it everywhere you go.
Enjoy the food, the drink and the company!